Page 03

Page 03

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Prototype 26th Oct 2015, 4:14 PM edit delete
The pages so far have been "remastered" pages of a comic that I made many years ago. Essentially I made some fixes to the art to make it look a bit better than originally. Some pages need more attention than others.

The layout, pacing and story is still the same though and had I made this comic today I probably would have spent 2 or 3 boring pages of Lara being convinced and talked into doing the sucking. But here it's just "Meh whatever. I'm gonna suck it!" which is kinda funny.

* Original non-remastered page:

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She's experienced. She probably just figured quickly that it was the easiest option.
Timing is everything.
El Cid
Oh cool! New comic! Or... I guess a new old comic! So far so good... if a bit unsanitary. I mean seriously, you can pick up all kinds of tropical dick diseases out there..
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